Hiking trails

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Hiking trails?

It is destined for those who want to get in touch with nature and to get to know it with it’s flora and fauna, for those who want to know history, for those who want to know places that each has a legend or places in which peace and quiet prevails so much, that you can hear your own heart beating. We want to show you a way to spend free timp in a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by nature, alternated with the off road adventure through places that you will surely surprised by. Beyond this spectacular side, we want to maintain and cultivate the respect for the environment.

What means off road?

It means living an experience beyond the asphalt, with lots of adrenaline, slopes and very steeo ramps, sun, rain, mud, rocks, night, revving engines and satisfaction.

It means that you will wash away the fatigue, you’ll forget about the job, about the boss and his whims, about debts, mother-in-law and the urban stress.


With our partners: West Alpine Offroad


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