Biserica de lemn din Gâlpaia

Galpaia wooden church is situated within the Octavian Goga mansion, from Ciucea, Cluj County, where it was moved and saved in 1939, rebuilt the following year, to serve a convent of nuns. The church was built in the early 18th century, in the village Galpaia from Salaj County. The church is on the new list of historical monuments under the code LMI: CJ-II-mA-07568.02.

Tradition says that the wooden church from Galpaia is dating from the year 1597. From a formally point of view, the construction is closing in with the design of the wooden churches from Salaj from the 18th century. The inscription from the outside of the vessel from 1768 is at least as old or predates the church.

The church is built with oak beams, with a two-sloped roof and wrapped with pine shingles. The church tower – like the model of Maramures churches – rises high above the surrounding trees. The interior was covered with paintings, of which only a few are still perserved.