Dragan Dam

Poza &alttag

The Dragan Dam manages to keep a volume of 112 million cubic meters of water. It has a double utility, to accumulate water for the power plant in Remeti, Iadei Valley and on Crisul Repede River, but also to retain the floods of the other two rivers.

The massive construction reaches a height of 120 meters and a length of 424 meters, the elevation of the dam crest being 856. Through the dam are regularized 8,7 cubic meters of water per second.

The area in which the dam was built, was lacking in natural resources, such as clay or ballast, which led to the concrete construction in arch, with a double curvature.

The dam has a special character through form, having in the lower area a strong upstream release and a very pronounced curvature in the vertical plane. It was very powerfully developed here the drainage system, being made from a series of drillings that start from the perimeter gallery and from the system located downstream of the dam.