Outlaw Cabin

# FiiHaiducTătAnu ’and come with your group of friends where the mountain stretches its arms, and the silence around you charges you with energy.

Our cottage is ready for you and is waiting for you to bring your friends or family, to be as many as possible, but not more than 16, only if you like it crowded. ☺

Joke aside, do you know that big barrel of hot water you’d like to get your neck in? He is always ready for our Outlaws. And if you want even more relaxation, we invite you to cross the threshold to the neighbor ☺, the neighbor of the ciubăr, Sauna.

HaiDuci the news?

Call your friends and get to know each other!




Cabana Haiducilor, is located in Valea Drăganului, Alunul hamlet. Our location is divided into two compartments divided as follows:

Fainoșag Outlaw Cabin

  • living room
  • Two large bedrooms for 4 people each
  • Each room has a private bathroom with a shower.

peevish Outlaw Cabin

  • living room
  • Four bedrooms for 2 people each
  • A bathroom with shower.
2x Camere
Fully equipped kitchen
3x Camere
Grill place, ideally arranged
Grupuri Copii
Hot Tub
Asset 1
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Things to do after beer and brandy (What can you visit and where can you walk?)

Devils Mill Waterfall  

Miscului Waterfall –  Sebișel Valley

Dragan Dam

Stâna de valeIzvorul Minunilor

Vlădeasa Peak

Buteasa Peak


Sport fishing

Hunting Parties Organized together with partners from the Hunting Fund

Kayak ride on Dragan Dam

Bicycle trails / off road / hiking