Iadolina Waterfall

The road to Stana de Vale goes through the Hell’s valley that’s getting increasingly narrow, it passes among a cozy guesthouse and enters through the narrow gorges, slipping between the rocks and along the valley, which creates rapids and waterfalls.

The most beautiful waterfall is Iadolina, which is located below the road level, on the left side of the road at about 6 km far from Tail Lake. After the Iadolina waterfal, a little more above, appears from the left side of the slope, another waterfall, called The Bride Veil.

The trail to Iadolina waterfall:

At less than 100 meters upstream from the Bridal Veil Falls, The blue do marking that comes from Stana de vale, leaves the road and climbs steeply the left side up to Saritoarea Iedutului Falls (15-20 minutes). Further, the road passes along the forest cabin Murgasu, and after another 2 km, we reach at a small dam lake followed by the intersection with the road that comes from Carligatele Valley (where is an indicator towards the Four Trees Cabin).

After another 3 km from the Iadolina waterfall, the road intersects with Beius – Budureasa – Stana de Vale, and slightly going down to the left, about 300 meters, we arrive at the sky slope and the little houses belonging to Stana de Vale resort, at an altitude of 1100 meters.