Bratcuta’s Keys

Bratcuta’s Keys are located along the lower course of the valley with the same name, between the confluence of Russian’s Valley and Bratca commune.

The keys are carved into limestone and triassic dolomites up to the confluence with Dry Valley, and in jurassic limestone, otherwise, Bratcuta’s Keys have a length of 4,4 km and are drained by a permanent watercourse.

Until the confluence with the Russian’s Valley, Bratcuta flows into a deep valley, wide open, with partially wooded mountainsides.

At the entrance into the limestone formations, it receives from the right, the temporary waters of Izbuc from the Travertin, and after, the permanent ones from Izbucul Damisenilor, situated at the base of the left mountainside, through which the underground captured waters are drained, in the Damis depression.