Peștera Urșilor

It was discovered around the 70’s by a miner after dynamiting rocks. The underground river did its job abundantly, digging tens of thousands of years into the rock, creating shapes which instigate your imagination and delight the eyes.

The area of the cave is about 1,5 kilometers but only a part of its galleries can be visited, the rest being reserved for scientific researches, or were flooded by the river. You can visit the spectacular “Emil Racovita” gallery, “Bears” gallery and the “Bones” room, with their sad story, the one of the bears trapped in the cave, which also gave it the name of The Bones Cave. However,you will lighten up in the “Candlelight” gallery and the “Spaghetti” room.

Attention, take warm clothes with you, because the temperature doesn’t rise above 9-10 degrees, even though outside are 35 degrees at shade!