Stana de Vale

It is located in Bihor county, in Vladeasa Mountains, at about 70 km from Oradea on DN 76 to Beius and then left to Budureasa, at an altitude of 1102 meters.

The Muncel’s hill is at east from Stana de Vale, and from Poeni peak you can go down the trail to Stana de vale. Muncel’s hill makes a deviation towards the Eagles Area (1345m elevation), continuing with the Muncel’s plummet that passes in Horse’s Stone (1461m), from where it grows wider, as a small plateau, located between the Hell’s Valley and the spring’s of Sebes stream, which is a tributary of the Dragan. The basin from Stana de Vale seems like a suspended pool, which has an altitude of approximately 1100-1200 meters.

In the east and southeast, it stretches to the Cris’s gorge, where it makes contact with Mesesului and Vladeasa mountains. They are made of crystalline schists and cretaceous sediments.

Beius – Budureasa – Stana de Vale (25 km). Budureasa – 12km from Beius. Budureasa is one of the oldest  folk creation centers of Cris’s Country . here are being made the famous dowry chests, unique in the country because of their arhaic ornamentation and especially because of the beech planks smoking technique before the manufacture of each chest. It can still be seen a water mill in working order and a cloth mill machine. From Budureasa, the road climbs to Stana de Vale.